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Emotions. Magic. Mysticism. India is the land of the Spirit, the place where the soul finds its home and the heart its peace, and the space in which body and mind find their understanding, in the name of energy. In Kerala, where the white beaches are lined with palm trees, plantations have the aroma of spices and nature is sovereign, is where the journey towards yourself starts. It is in Goa, Karnataka and North India that the itinerary of discovery continues. The ancient practices of Ayurveda, the Medicine of God, which the ancient Indian sages received during high meditative states, are there for sustainment and illumination. A system of knowledge entirely of natural cures, an active and dynamic approach to life and a philosophy of being that leads to an encounter with the most remote part of yourself.


A holistic practice, a lifestyle, a pragmatic science, yoga is a world, and a philosophy in which physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being become contours in a single representation. Mankind. The search for balance bursts from the body, where strength and harmony combine to produce satisfaction, offer relaxation and infuse power. Yoga thus becomes an instrument for the prevention of physical illness and emotional ailments, a shield with which to protect the body and strengthen the spirit, whose true essence is inextricably linked to universal laws: the respect for life, truth and patience are the first gentle breaths of calm breathing, a quiet mind and a strong will, will chose the tesserae to design ones own mosaic. Inherent are the moral virtues of yoga, the act of living and the effort of rebirth.

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Life (ayu) meets knowledge (veda) in this traditional Indian medicine, a way of life before being a curative system. For Ayurveda the three doshas (elements) – Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) are merged within the body – the harmonization of these irradiates total wellbeing. Their unbalance leads to discomfort, malaise and tension. Only by bringing them back into balance through specific treatments like massage with rare herbal oils, natural medicines and external medications, can physical and psychological stability be found. The balance of the doshas gives birth to profound changes that also involve nutrition and lifestyle and are nourished on holistic practices (yoga) which lead to regeneration. Each path is personal, unique, dictated by Ayurvedic physicians who have the ability to calibrate the correct intensity of the cure for the best recovery

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Relaxation, easing tensions, releasing the energy blocked in the most remote meanderings of the body, strength recovery: with Rejuvenation the interior tensions, both physical and mental, melt like snow in the sun, slipping out of the body and diffusing a widespread sense of peace, tranquillity and well-being. Through a series of customized treatments the body regains its natural force, the facial features are smoothed out, the skin regains its luminosity and a renewed desire to act pervades every action, movement and thought. Revitalization is a rebirth, defining new times dictated by the harmony recovered between being and being present, aware of one’s own needs. Each therapy gives voice to one’s deepest needs that are stripped of constraints, finding themselves free. The tissues return to their normal functioning, drawing on fresh oxygen, cells retrieve their lifeblood and the aging processes slow down their development.

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Living with the pressures of daily life. Do not let anxieties, fears and compulsions set the pace. Do not permit stress to put unconscious chains on the body, limiting the spirit and choking the soul. Learning to manage inner tensions, avoiding their degeneration into pathologies and illness is a school of life, an obligation to rediscover the pleasure of tasting a joy that can donate unexpected encounters, moments of peace and instants of profound quiet. Changing one’s lifestyle becomes the priority so as to recover the self-made sense of space, time and personal locations. Yoga, meditation and nutrition, define a path of re-appropriation that soothes the mind offering balance to the spirit.

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Slow down to listen to the inner voice. Recharge by cultivating silence. Discover the pleasure of emptiness leaving space only for the echo of the heart. Emotions become sharper, feelings run powerfully on the skin, “sense” becomes simple. Moving meditation, nature walks, swimming in streams of crystal clear water where the sounds of trees and animals become music. A self-imposed exile to reconnect with one’s most intimate, to tune in with the surrounding environment, to return to appreciating others. Forgetting the world to plunge into the world is an experience that shakes body and mind, in a joint path that knows no impositions and is guided by the pulsing of blood. No ritual, no technique, no defined time. Only the opportunity to immerse oneself, alone, in nature.

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The rebirth of the spirit originates from the purity of the body. The return to life is shaped by the candour of our inner being. Wellbeing flows from the sharpness of thought. The ability to eliminate the toxins that poison the body and soul allows energy to be regained, recovering strength and vigour. The purification of the body is not only repair, but also the experience of vitality and a path to wellness, which is outlined by personalized programs in the signal of change. Changing one’s lifestyle, learning balanced nutrition, is the first step towards a process of detoxification with benefits that know no end.

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The weight of life rests on the heart and smothers the body rendering it weak, fragile, insecure and unhealthy. The revitalization of self-esteem blossoms from recovery of the physical form, the regeneration of self-love, the affirmation of ME. Abandoning a bulky shell allows opening up to the world with enthusiasm and vitality, the immersion in life, enjoying it fully. Specialized centres guide an itinerary of personal awareness: personal trainers and nutritionists support the search for a new lifestyle, in keeping with ones own needs, in which food and physical activity become functional elements of well-being.

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Living in the present, avoiding returning to the past or projecting into the future allows the full enjoyment of the present, understanding its value and drawing fulfilment from it. Re-living the “before” or hypothesizing the “after” is extraneous from the ‘”now” and prevents full emergence into life: “Today” should become the brick on which to build one’s own house, the principle from which everything starts. The appropriation of meditation is the key to change, as well as being a method to a profound understanding of oneself, a technique for relaxation to tune in to oneself and the world. A location of fullness and balance, an oasis of peace and harmony, meditation is the space where the soul interacts with the body on the tracks of silence and inner listening. Each path of well-being cannot exclude it, every journey of rebirth may only benefit from it.

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Being born again. Abandoning habits that lead to illness. Reviewing approaches to life that led to discontent, that trigger insecurities, frustrations, and fears and put enthusiasm in a corner to making room for fatigue, apathy and depression. To recover the profound meaning of life, re-appreciate its value and define new priorities of welfare, taking good care of oneself should be the rule. In a safe place, where one feels welcomed and cared for, understood but encouraged, doctors and experts will conduct towards a real, strong, enduring, path of recovery, to the discovery of a new more aware, satisfying, life.

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