When Do You Want to Go ?

DWith blooming rhododendrons, from March to May, and during the first glimpses of autumn, from September to November, the Himalaya almost seems to achieve perfection; Bhutan offers itself to travellers in all its glory. In India pleasant temperatures with the spring’s cool nights open the gaze of the visitor looking for new colors and strong scents. The dry season instead, from March to May, for the Philippines, make this a recommended destination during these months of the year for diving into the luxuriance of nature. So too does the vegetation of the Italian hills which awakens from its their winter torpor: Italy in the spring seems to rebirth a new life leaving room for days in the name of discovery and well-being.

Visiting Italy during the autumnal season, when the weather is still warm and the days are clear giving way to the sun, is ideal for those who want add some cultural exploration to their well-being stopovers. In Thailand the colors strengthen and acquire new light in September and October and then until March in Thailand: right after the rainy season the landscape is lush with very pleasant temperatures. A pleasant surprise in October and November instead is India, which gives its best in this season.


If May and June are excellent for those who do not suffer from the heat, from July to September India speaks the language of the rains, a panacea for undergoing Ayurveda treatments: merit of the moisture which opens the pores, making the skin more receptive to absorbing medication with optimal results. Instead, a sweet, dry climate is what makes Indonesia a recommended stop-over from May to September, a period in which even the Maldives can be visited without difficulty: the monsoons there are not to be feared. A stop in Italy is also recommended: the climate is never too moist or sticky, especially along the coasts or in the hills of Tuscany and Umbria.

If winter is the high season in India, in Bhutan from December to February the deals are attractive and the weather is still pleasant. A similar period is recommendable for a visit to the Philippines and Oman: pleasantly warm on the coast and in the desert during the day, it promises trips in the dunes as much as in the cities which are to be remembered for their amenities.
But the Caribbean and the Maldives are destination of choice for those who are looking for ideal temperatures: this season including from November / December until April is the freshest, and undoubtedly the most crowded, but even more impressive when one is a lover of snorkeling and diving. Lastly, under the sign of tranquility and relaxation, is a visit to Indonesia and Bali, during Christmas and New Year they offer thousands of opportunities for well-being.